My Lost Shih Tzu at Bandar Putra Permai on 23/03/09
  • eddie_hadeddie_had March 2009

    Attached, please find the photo of my lost dog near by Bandar Putra Permai (Jalan BPP7/4) in Serdang on 23/03/2009
    around 11am - 12.30 pm

    His Identity
    Name COBY
    Breed Shih Tzu
    Eyes 1 eyes color more darker,
    Body Color White
    Hair Color White & Light Brown.
    Attitude Friendly and like to play.
    Age 2 years old
    Weight 6 kg
    Gender Male
    Accessories Blue color collar with Bell around the neck.

    Reward will be given for those find it.

    Please help me to send this message to all your contact in your email. I can't upload his photo here, therefore email me at I will send you his picture.

    You may contact me at 012-321 9825 (Eddie) or 012 687 0188 (Echin)

    Thank You