My male shih tzu lost at USJ5, Subang Jaya
  • dianakohscdianakohsc March 2009
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    I lost my male shih tzu dog on Feb 26, 2009 when he sneaked out of the house just before the thunderstorm. We really miss him and hope that all of you will help keep a lookout for him. We know that he has been picked up and whoever has him, please give him back. Life has not been the same without Jeremy - there is like a hole in our lives.

    He is easily recognizable by his bopped tail (unusual for his breed to have a stump for a tail) and he is neutered. If you feel the back of his neck, Jeremy has a lump the size of a 50sen coin. He is very friendly and was wearing a brown collar with a green bell.

    We know for a fact that Jeremy was spotted roaming the USJ5 playground and the last we caught a glimpse of him was at 7pm on that fateful day, being sandwiched between 2 young Chinese girls (no helmets) who sped off on a black Honda cup.

    Thank you.