What Are The "Dog Laws" In Malaysia?
  • sharinazsharinaz May 2009
    Hello all!

    I am doing a project for college and I'm suppose to start a business. My idea was to start a "Pet Restaurant/Cafe". It serves food for both pet (dogs only) and owners, a place to treat your pet and mingle with other pet owners.

    Since the project is "real world" is it even possible to have "designated public" area for dogs? much less a restaurant/cafe? What's the law in Malaysia about this? I hear there was pub that allowed you to bring your dog there.

    My lecturer says it might not be possible, said people would not be interested to go to a pet restaurant... ( However I thought differently...would you go to a pet restaurant to treat you and your pets?

    Well I hope I can get some response, feedback...I need to "prove" that this idea will work by thursday.

    Thank you!
  • May 2009 Edit
    anyway, many pet lover loves it if the r'rant is reasonable spending.
  • February 2010 Edit
    Hi.. the idea is brilliant.. I was thinking of doing the exact similar thing in the real world. Why is it not possible? Everything is possible when the society accepts it.. I am sure that my intentions and hopes will be true one day.. I hope your project went on well.. I would love to know the details if you would share with me.. let me know.. [/fontb5a0c256db]