Incorrect Breeder Info
  • scoobydooscoobydoo June 2009
    We received a kind notice from other buyer regards this breeder for possible cheating information to pet buyers.

    Quotes by the buyer-
    "I hope you may help me to warn your users that this breeder called Irene Kang from Starhill Kennel Penang (http// has been lying about the health conditions of her Westies to her buyers.

    I was one of her buyers last year. I have posted my concerns at HomeAPet forum, Lowyat Forum and I hope more pet lovers can be made aware.

    You may read more here http//

    Thank you. "

    Maybe anyone feel free to comment about this and help clarify if there is possible cheating. If proper explanation received, we will remove this post.

    (This Post only for information. Buyers should make proper queries before buy a pet, so be a smart consumers.)