Pet Boarding Service - Ss2, Pj
  • Location SS2, PJ[/size18f25c7d97]

    [b18f25c7d97]looking for boarding services for your lovely pet? while you outstation or while you are not available?[/color18f25c7d97][/size18f25c7d97][/b18f25c7d97]

    it is time off for your pet out of cage!!
    With our services provided, you have no worries when you go for travel.
    Just ask us for more details, we provide excellent pet boarding service.[/size18f25c7d97]

    [u18f25c7d97]services provided (what make us special from others?[/color18f25c7d97]) [/u18f25c7d97]
    [b18f25c7d97]- our service is home based
    - Your pet will be 24hours fully under human attention
    - we are 10 minutes away from reputable vet -yeoh clinic at taman megah[/color18f25c7d97]
    *however, It is advised that you provide own pet food for us, as this can reduce stress on your pet while you are not around.

    contact method
    number 0173638228
    website http//