Wanted - dog walker in PJ
  • jinsarnjinsarn July 2009
    My family rescued a 1.5 year old stray in May, we named him Scrappy. When we first took him in, he was malnourished and afraid of human contact; it took a few weeks to help him back to being a "normal" dog.

    Scrappy is now settled into our household, and has a clean bill of health from the vet. Up to date with all shots, and well-fed now. But due to our travel and work commitments, he is often home alone with only the maid for company.

    Wanted -- experienced dog lover to come to our house in SS3 PJ to play with Scrappy and take him for walks. Three times a week, 30 minutes to one hour each time, until end September.

    This job would suit a young-ish person (e.g. student) who loves dogs and has direct experience owning, raising, and training their own pet dog in the past. Ideally would live close to our house in SS3.

    Interested? Pls PM me. Generous compensation available for the right person.