does anyone know why my dog eat her own poop.
  • dodo23dodo23 August 2009
    i have gone thru many factor where it might cause the reason why my dog started to eat & play her poop...
    there has few possibility
    1) the dog is bored and they play /eat their poop for taking attention from their owner.
    2) the dog see the owner clean up their poop so they might follow the action too , just tht they use their mouth.
    3) the poop is smell nice where they cant differentiate which is their food and poop.

    anyhow could help me -.-"""""
  • January 2010 Edit
    The 3rd one is somehow correct. It actually means that your dogs canot digest the food you are giving properly so the poop still has nutrients in it. That is why they eat their own poop. My dog stopped that after I changed to raw food.