Sharing Your Doggies' Stories
  • stella_karmunstella_karmun October 2009
    Dear Dog Lovers,

    We have set up a blog for dog lovers.
    You can come to share your doggie's stories and photos.

    Please come here take look

    [b89ffeffa7d]How to Share Stories?[/b89ffeffa7d][/u89ffeffa7d]
    1. Write down
    - Owner Name
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    - Dog's Name
    - Dog Gender
    - Dog Breed
    - Dog's Age
    - Article's Title

    2. Write a short article (50 - 500 words) about your daily stories with your dog.
    3. Attach few photos about the stories.
    4. Email to[glow=red89ffeffa7d][/glow89ffeffa7d][/color89ffeffa7d]5. We will post your stories on the blog after review it.
    6. Further info will be informed through email.

    Is Time To Show Your Passion To Your Lovely Pets!!!

    Stella Karmun[/size89ffeffa7d]