Yogi Doggy Photo Contest
  • donndonn November 2009
    Yogi Doggy Photo Contest!!![/color6a45e4ac98][/size6a45e4ac98]

    [b6a45e4ac98]How to Participate?[/b6a45e4ac98]

    1. Email your Dog's photo to [b6a45e4ac98]yogidoggy@ymail.com[/color6a45e4ac98][/b6a45e4ac98]

    Together with the information below

    - Dog's Name
    - Dog's DOB + Age
    - Dog's Breed
    - Short Remark [to attract your vote!]
    - Owner's Name
    - Owner's Contact
    - Owner's Location

    2. Send in your photo [b6a45e4ac98]BEFORE 30 NOVEMBER 2009[/b6a45e4ac98]

    [b6a45e4ac98]Terms & Condition [/b6a45e4ac98]

    1. Open For Dog's Owner in Malaysia ONLY.
    2. Maximum 5 Photos per Owner.
    3. Photo/images from other advertisers is NOT PERMITTED.
    4. Must allow us to publish your photo on the internet.

    [b6a45e4ac98]How to Vote?[/b6a45e4ac98]
    1. Email your Favorite Dog's photo [b6a45e4ac98]CODE[/b6a45e4ac98] to [b6a45e4ac98]yogidoggy@ymail.com[/color6a45e4ac98][/b6a45e4ac98]
    Include Email Subject line as >> VOTE Yogi Doggy - *photo code*

    Sample VOTE Yogi Doggy - 001
    [/size6a45e4ac98] [/size6a45e4ac98]