sick green turtle
  • eliya90eliya90 November 2009
    hello everyone!
    i have a pair of green turtles, just bought them last july.
    one of them now couldnt open his eyes. he wouldnt eat.

    i went to few pet shops and asked them. n they said it was due to fungus infection. i already bought two kinds of medcine.
    one is green and another one is purple.
    first i used the green one, and it dint work so i switched to the purple one.
    also dint work. the purple one is to eradicate fungus infections.
    i also put him under direct sunlight everyday, but until now, he is still sick.
    its been 3 weeks. what worries me most is that he wouldnt eat.
    im very afraid that he would die. plz help me.

    the pet shop owner also said to seperate the two turtles. so, when i seperated them, the other one wouldnt eat as well.
    i am really clueless now.

    help me plzzz....