Feeding poor little life rats to snakes!!! How cruel is that
  • Sandy+ChanSandy Chan December 2009
    I visited a 'newly opened' 2 stories Huge Pet Shop in Ipoh, Perak and couldn't believe that they are actually[b2c59849aea]Feeding one type of 'Pets' to another. [/b2c59849aea]
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a girl (one of the employee) came out to the cashier counter, one hand holding a plastic bucket ..seems like having a snake in it, another hand a plastic bucket with 2 tiny adorable little white rats. They looked so cute, it caught my attention. She then came with a tweezer clipping the tail of one of the rat.. I thought "OH NO" She's not gonna!!!..Yes. I saw the little rat struggle and heard it cried. I was too shock to react but from her expression I know. She is doing it so often she felt nothing, just like us giving a piece of biscuit to our dogs. I can't believe how one could be so cruel!!! [b2c59849aea]Moreover, It's a PET SHOP.. and I expect them to at least have the 'least kindness' to all the pets in their shop[/b2c59849aea]. Well, I guess all PETS in the shop are simply a PRODUCT to them.
    They are selling a lot of reptiles in the shop and dogs on the other side. Also accepting dogs boarding. But I surely wouldn't put my pets for boarding seeing all the snakes kept in simple plastic tanks. (what happens if a snake escape??)
    Maybe I might seem like a fool to some reptiles lovers. But I simply can't stand seeing it happening with my own eyes, especially this cruel act happened and still is happenning in a pet shop. Snakes eats fresh meat and eggs too. They don't necessary have to eat life rats or mouse to live!
  • AtlanticaOnIineAtlanticaOnIine December 2012
    There are only 2 kinds of egg eating snakes. The others eat basically any animal they can catch. And only will eat live/pre-killed rat/mice, they feed rabbits to the bigger snakes as well. Since this pet shop sells snakes , those rats are prolly feeder mice , which we bred to be sold as food for reptiles. There is no other way to feed your snake. unless u wanna force/assist feed it. which is basically pushing a tube into its mouth and insert "food" in. 

    if not rats or mice , what do u expect them to eat? Rats are the easiest to bred and cheapest food for snakes.