Help, Please find my dogs
  • sally755sally755 December 2009
    3 of my dogs run out of the open gates and got lost on 19 Dec 2009 around 11.15pm. My location is at Bandar Bukit Puchong, Puchong

    3 of my dogs are

    1 female chihuahua, creamy white, 8 yr old (sprayed)
    1 male silky terrier cross chihuahua, black+brown, 2 yr old
    1 male silky terrier cross chihuahua, golden brown, 2yr old

    If you see any of them, please call ???????????????012-3199948???????? / ???????????????019-3233609???????? / ???????????????019-6233609????????

    I have put of posters everywhere nearby including vet and pet shops, flyers also given out to every houses in the same Taman, neighboring Tamans I gave to the security guards and offer them some reward if them can help to find my dogs.

    I really miss my dogs, i really hope they can come back to me soon.

  • December 2009 Edit
    An Indian uncle called and informed us that he saw a Chinese guy, in his 30s and skinny, was playing with my dogs that nite, his lady friend was waiting for him in his Proton Saga hachback. I suspect he must had taken my dogs.

    Whoever he is, if he is your friend or relative or neighbour or someone you know, pls tell him to return the dogs to me.

    Day and nite I am thinking of them.