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    Most people who have furkids find a hard time to leave them behind boarding kennels because they are cramped, dirty and could be a terribly lonely place for a dog. Choosing a safe and clean place for your furkid does not come easy as even home boarding houses are sometimes not as homey as it should be.

    At Boarding Buddy we believe that leaving your furkid when you travel should not be a stressful time for either of you. BOARDING BUDDY home boarding promises a clean, safe and homey environment for your precious furkids. Your furkid will no longer go through lonely nights on cold concrete floors or open to risk of picking up undesirable germs in a dirty environment. Instead your furkid will stay in a real home managed by genuine furkid lovers who will ensure that your furkid is cared for with lots of love and lots of hugs.

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    012 241 6630 / 016 220 9167 (Stephanie)
    019 288 0167 / (Lina)
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    Services Available-
    Buddy Full Boarding
    Buddy DayCare
    Buddy HomeVisit
    Doggie Walk

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