Rules and Regulations
  • scoobydooscoobydoo February 2010
    PetsLover allows member posting many information about pets, like images, selling pets, and more. The objective is gathering most Malaysia pets lover and sharing experience among each other.

    Anyway there is also specific [b45b275f046]Rules and Regulations[/b45b275f046] that requires member to pay attention to.


    1) Ban any commercial advertisement posting. But under circumstances which are not treat as such, for example personal recommendations reading, comparative facts, etc. as long as does not contain commercial advertisement.

    2) Ban any sex related topic or materials like articles, picture, url, movie, etc.

    3) Ban any topic or discussion that which is showing disrespect to another user, for example using foul words, intrude member privacy, etc.

    4) Please keep in mind posting from members should be related to the topics. If no topic is matched, suggestion to site admin is likely welcome.

    5) Disallow member from posting any advertising purposes for other forum and sites using signature. But, we allow member to propose link exchange between forum in order to achieve same purpose. Please send your proposal to admin.

    6) This forum is open to any idea and suggestion from members, includes attached information. However, Petslover wishes all member respect copyrights of the information that is taken from original source with or without owner's acknowledgment. At least, state the original source during your posting.

    7) This forum is free for anyone to post pets for sell, but any illegal pets are [b45b275f046]FORBIDDEN[/b45b275f046] to sell here. Please help us build healthy community here by report any misuse posts.

    Please help us build a healthy and quality pets community for everyone.

    * The above Rules are purposely for member's guidance when using the forum. Any disobey of any rule will result member's related posting is deleted from forum without prior notice. Rules may change in the future running and announcement will be made to all members.

    * Any decision that done by admin and moderator of the forum is final. If any further inquiries, please Private Message (PM) admin or moderator.

    * Please do not reply to this topic. Any suggestion can be made in the General Forums - Suggestion. Co-operations from members are highly appreciated.
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