• fezan+rayfezan ray March 2010
    My dearest Eletra, have I told you that I love you yesterday? I don't think so....and now I don't ever have this chance of telling you that i love you anymore. It's really my fault that I should have came home earlier and bring you to the vet....if only i'm not that workaholic... if only I.............. you might be saved and still alive now. I'm really very sorry Eletra. I know you are waiting for me before letting go.......but you tried your very best and left on 27 Jan 2010. I'm sorry that I couldn't make it on time... I miss you. It seems so unreal. . It is way too sudden. Elena is still waiting for you to go back home....I think she thought that you went to bath... How I wish it's just a dream and that you are just there in the aquarium & asking for more food......

    I'll pray hard for you, pray that you'll be free from all sufferings and are now enjoying your new home, pellets, veggies, fruits etc and the rainbow land together with all other friends that you've met or play with before. I hope that in this rainbow land, there's angels out there where they can look after my Eletra.

    Eletra, I enjoyed the short time that we spent together, Its very meaningful to me. Wel, I will not see you after this,Good Luck for you, in your new place.

    Farewell Eletra and rest in peace. I will always remember you.

    Sincere from me,
    Fezan Ray
  • April 2010 Edit
    Sorry for your lost.

    But what is Eletra actually? If you don't mind.. *wink*
  • April 2010 Edit
    Eletra is short form of Elegant Terrapin.. he is my RES, very cute, because, among all my RES, he paling manja with me..haha...i don't know how to make my other RES to be like my Eletra..