This Forum I getting more Boring...
  • doinkdoink August 2006
    Hi All,,, this forum is getting more boring i no longer login once a day... So anybody have anything to say about it?????? anyone have anything to post....
  • August 2006 Edit
    How can we aspect anything if no one help the admin to spread the news...

    Since this site is new why not all of us help out to advertise in others site... to promote this community..

    We should figure it out before things getting worst...

    KEEEEEEP it UP everyone....
  • September 2008 Edit
    Go tell your friends about it I guess.
  • September 2008 Edit
    I think we should do some activities or event so that the community can come together lol and ask more people to join lol any ideas? such as

    -we find a volunteer trainer to give a brief
    -a mamak dog event
    -special close competition done from some get the sponsor lol

    a rough idea anyone wanna support?
  • September 2008 Edit
    Sounds like a good idea, but first need maybe a coverage from the media. A mention in newspaper would be great...

    This forum seems to have been around for a few years already.
  • September 2008 Edit
    actually this forum aims to be free online community for pets common interest group of people, not for commercial purpose which is for certain forum. as long as more ppl come to share ideas and news, it would benefit more ppl in the future. anyway, any suggestion please feel free post here.

    thx for your support so far.