• MlamMlam July 2010
    Be aware of this animal clinic in Sri Petaling. The veterinarian, Dr See has a reputation of prolonging medication, requesting his clients to do all sort of 'complete blood test' for their pets and keeping the owners in the dark about the real health condition of the pets. He will give false hope to the owners even the pets are suffering from diabetes, kidney failure and etc. He will try his best to squeeze money from clients who are afford and willing to pay the medical bills. When the pets pass away, he may state that they are caused by unidentified virus or disease! I am totally disappointed at his irresponsibility.
  • September 2010 Edit
    I'm facing the same problem as u. Near my house Taman Kepong, there is a clinic call Klinik Haiwan Wilayah. The doctor is an Indian. He told me there is a minor surgery, just cut off my dog womb. She will be ok. But after the surgery, i call the doctor tomorrow. he just told me oh your dog, she died yesterday. I WIL NEVER NEVER FORGET WHAT HE SAID THAT DAY!!! When my brother goto his clinic , he told my brother the difference things , he said my dog's problem not easy to handle. initially told me is jsut minor problem, but when my dog died , he turn and said is serious problem. i do not know how many pet died on his hand. I hope this article can safe you guys pet. REMEMBER, DO NOT GOTO THIS CLINIC!!!