Irresponsible Pet Shop
  • RachLoke87RachLoke87 August 2010
    Dear all,

    I have a situation where I implore on advice and knowledge on this issue. I just bought a Pomeranian puppy of 3 months old 2 weeks back. He is currently very ill due to a dog transmitted disease called Kennel Cough.

    Here is the timeline of all that happened

    [b413d00ee5c]18th July 2010 (Sun)[/b413d00ee5c] - Puppy was bought & left for boarding in the same pet shop for a week to enable me some time to prepare a place for it to stay

    2[b413d00ee5c]4th July 2010 (Sat)[/b413d00ee5c] - Puppy was collected and brought to the Animal Clinic & Surgery XXX for check up. Vet did a bad job where he only looked at the puppy and listened to the heart and lungs through a stethoscope and said that it was ok however may get kennel cough so he asked us to keep an eye on it.

    [b413d00ee5c]26th July 2010 (Mon)[/b413d00ee5c] - Puppy started coughing

    [b413d00ee5c]27th July 2010 (Tues)[/b413d00ee5c] - Puppy was taken to the same vet (Animal Clinic & Surgery XXX) and he said that he has kennel cough but not so serious yet however if appetite changes, he should start medication immediately.

    [b413d00ee5c]29th July 2010 (Wed)[/b413d00ee5c] - Puppy's cough got worse

    [b413d00ee5c]30th July 2010 (Fri)[/b413d00ee5c] - Puppy did not finish his food hence was taken to the vet (Animal Clinic & Surgery XXX) immediately. Vet gave him a jab and said that he was ok however we didn't trust the vet hence we decided to get a second opinion on the following day as he was coughing & sneezing vigorously and he coughed out phlegm and his nose discharged mucus.

    [b413d00ee5c]31st July 2010 (Sat)[/b413d00ee5c] - Puppy was taken to Animal Medical Centre in KL. He was hospitalised as his case was considered quite serious as he was again diagnosed with kennel cough. It was recommended to get an x-ray and also blood test. Puppy was hospitalised.

    [b413d00ee5c]1st Aug 2010 (Sun)[/b413d00ee5c] - Dr XXX said his condition is severe and that his lungs were infected badly. She said that it was not an early stage as what we thought it was. His blood reports shows that his white cells were more than red blood cells and that the virus was very active. Puppy was recommended to be hospitalised for 5 days until further notice. Puppy is given injection and medication every day. The doctor also said that kennel cough usually takes 7-10 days to show symptoms. She further confirmed that it was a dog related/transmitted disease.

    My problem is, The pet shop did not take responsibility / own up to the puppy's condition when clearly my puppy's disease was caught from the pet shop. They blamed it on the weather instead when clearly it is a dog transmitted disease. This means that other dogs might get infected as well. The pet shop is very irresponsible. We are not looking for a refund or to exchange the puppy. We just want them to take responsibility of the medical bill and own up to the condition of the puppy as other puppies might be in danger.

    I would like to know if there is any action that can be taken against the pet shop for misconduct and also for irresponsibility. My heart aches seeing and knowing the condition of my puppy who is suffering. Everytime I think about it, I cry. How can pet shops be so irresponsible?!

    If anything happens to my puppy, I wouldn't know what to do. Even for a short period of time, he has been like a son to own baby and also like a grandchild to my parents and also my bf's parents. Once I posted it up on facebook, I have a few friends saying that they have friends who bought puppies from pet shops and falls sick in a short period of time. Nothing can be done on this? I think that it is animal cruelty as they have very poor quality control and also harmful to pet lovers. If anything were to happen to my puppy, I would not be getting another as nothing can replace him. I don't want any other puppy. It is not just a puppy. To me, it is my baby!

    I implore for any kind of help or advice possible. This is injustice.