Blackwood Cat Food
  • annie_kannie_k March 2011
    Hye everyone.

    I try this Blackwood cat food and looks like my cat really love it. But its so expensive than others. I sell this blackwood cat food but its repack. I buy it from the supplier and the more i buy it, the more cheaper. But it will be re-pack, but dont worry, since I doesnt use other cat food other than blackwood.

    adult, 1kg = Rm 11
    Kitten,1kg = Rm 14

    Original packing;
    Adult, 7.5 kg = RM 105
    Kitten, 3.0 kg = Rm 72
              7.5 kg = Rm 140

    If any of you interested, let me know. 019-3870373 /