AFK 6947 - Irresponsible Dogs Owner
  • SandyChan88SandyChan88 April 2011
    Dear Friends,

    I wonder if anyone happens to know the vehicle owner of : AFK 6947 (brown Aeroback).
    Two weeks ago. A friend of mine in Ipoh witnessed this lady stopping in front of Kamdar, Station 18, Pengkalan, Ipoh. She pulled 2 of her dogs out of the car and stepped back into her car AFK 6947 and drove away with full speed despite the two dogs kept chasing behind her.
    The 2 abadoned dogs are now straying miserably around the the main road of station 18, Ipoh, still wondering why their master left them there.
    I am heartbroken when I imagine how terrified the two dogs are. Saddest thing is they are still sticking together, didn't dare to leave the place, thinking that their master might come back for them.