WTB Tokek Gecko
  • vckc4evervckc4ever August 2011
    We are currently looking for tokek gecko bintik merah (red spot) geckos and will be paying a good price for the right species, right sizes, right length and right weight. 

    Criteria needed for the geckos :
    1. Weight must be above 420 grams on a weighing machine. Photos of the geckos to be taken, with the time and date mentioned.
    2. Length must be above 18 inches from Head to tail. Photos to be taken with the length mentioned. Time and Date to be stated.
    3. Tokek Gecko must be Red Dotted ( Bintik Merah ) only. Photos to be enclosed to ensure correct species.

    Must not feed with meat, etc. Only feed with insects such as Crickets, Grasshoppers, Mealworm.

    Those who have this tokek, gecko, please get in touch with me. Email me : vckcship@yahoo.com OR call/sms me : 012 6081868

    If you are : Pet Shop Owners, Owners, Home Breeders, Tokek Breeders, we welcome you to offer to us.

    If you have friends or contacts, brokers, agents, tokek hunters, etc....we welcome you to source for the geckos. Ernest commission will be paid once the deal is successful. We are looking for contacts/agents in all over Malaysia.

    Where to find these tokek/geckos : Jungle, Kampung Kampung. Normally at night.

    We are buyers and Buyers broker who are dealing in Tokek Gecko. As long as you have the tokek, we will be interested. Asking price will be negotiated and discuss.

    Sample of the Tokek's photos


    Thank you and happy hunting.

  • VadyVady October 2011
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