DON'T GO TO THIS VET: Hartamas Animal Medical Centre, Ipoh
  • deniset88deniset88 December 2011
    DON'T GO TO THIS VET: Hartamas Animal Medical Centre near Hillcity Hotel
    10, Laluan Lapangan Siber 1,
    Panorama Lapangan Perdana, 31350 Ipoh

    This is a very irresponsible vet. My 3 month old poodle puppy, Cash poop blood and die because they refuse to check on her. My family call they at night hoping they can save our dieing puppy but no one pick the handphone and when we reach the shop at 9.30am they just take their own sweet time to fully open all the lights and fan instead of saving my puppy. My mum was crying in front of them and they just ignore her and my puppy don't even have the energy to lift up her head and thin as stick. There is blood at her buttock area and the doc just say she can't live longer.

    All is their fault because earlier that day I took my puppy to them and they say there is nothing wrong. At night, my puppy suffer. AND MY PUPPY DIE A PAINFUL DEATH AFTER CHOKING AND HAVING SEIZURE THE WHOLE NIGHT! I hate this shop. If you want a responsible vet, don't go there. I wish I have evidence and complain to the authority but I don't. BELIEVE ME!! And they charge RM50 for the supposedly 'funeral' of the pet but they just throw it away like rubbish.

    Please spread this! I don't want any more dogs and cats had the ending like my puppy. This is true.. please believe me!
  • maybelmaybel May 2013

    Sorry to hear was inderred a bad vet.... I'd recommend the below vet and Dr, they are very caring and would do heir best for the pet : 

    Petcare Animal

    Veterinarian: Dr.
    Teoh Jit Aik
    Add: 33 & 33A, Laluan Ipoh Permai 1, Tmn. Ipoh Permai,
    31400, Ipoh, Perak.
    Tel : 05-
    545 1160,