Dog The Comfy Cone for post surgery
  • Mikey_yorkieMikey_yorkie September 2012
    Hi Hi, forum seem a bit quiet recently. Nevertheless, still hoping someone can help on my questions to help my little pup.

    My little boy 9 months old is admitting for leg surgery by tomorrow and hence I'm getting all ready and prepare the necessities to ensure more comfortable and speedy recovery. Neck Cone will be needed after his surgery to prevent him to lick his suture wound but most of the cone provided are the plastic cone provided will caused itchiness and discomfort  on the neck area moreover my puppy is really small size- He is Yorkie. But, I found something could improve the situation and this is called The Comfy Cone- made by soft, nylon material and seem would really improve the situation.

    Has anyone seem this is any petshop before? here you go for the picture. 

    Really thanks in advanced if you can help to provide useful info for me to buy the comfy cone for my puppy' post surgery