Solution in Flea, ticks and worms
  • rexwongrexwong January 2013
    Hi everyone, i bought my furkids last year from breeder.

    when first she is very adorable, but her skin is little bit dark, the breeder told me is mosquito bite, then after that she reach my home, she just poo blood on my floor and i was :huh:, then i call the breeder, he told me:" is like that, is normal because we put our dog outside, they will get bitten from mosquito and get infected from it, just gave her drink more water and it will be okay" 

    i just believe and watch for few more days. After that still the same, getting more worst, i dont know how and take her go to the vet.

    Doctor told me is was worms infected, i just like :exclamation:. After payment i was happy and went back home. Couple weeks later with visit few more times at vet, problem are getting worst, nothing changes.

    Finally i found my solution, my furkids is now healthy and awesome, if you want to know please PM me, or send me a mail, i will send you my furkids before and after picture. 

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