Animal Groomer Wanted - RM$5, 000 salary per month
  • purfectgpurfectg May 2013
    Pet-Groom is a new business set-up in Singapore. We are looking for a very experienced groomer with over 10 years experience grooming a variety of animals to join our pioneer team. Kindly contact us if you meet the following criteria:

    1) Willing to move to Singapore and work
    2) bear grooming certificates & qualifications
    3) minimum 10 years grooming experience
    4) love dogs, cats and common animals found in homes as pets and have a passion to fight for the rights of a defenseless animal
    5) willing to work hard and grow this effort with us to become a chain of stores
    6) willing to supervise and teach new groomers
    7) confident with animals of all temperaments
    8) able to predict/react to potential danger posed by animals & manage safety in the workplace

    Please email your resume to ''.

    Kindly include why you are interested to apply for this job and your availability if offered the position.