SHOWTIME DOGALOW - 1st Dog Gym Around?, Off Leash,Swimming,Treadmill & Agility
  • dogalowdogalow May 2013
    Do feel free to contact us for more info.Will fill in more details here later.Opening in late May 2013.. biggrin.gif

    Phone: 03 56132381
    Cell : 016 9756 577(Shen)
    Facebook:DOGALOW FB PAGE

    Address: No 12, Jalan SS 19/4D, Subang Jaya, Selangor,Malaysia


    Dogalow is the result of a partnership between two parties who had the
    same dream for their dogs.They are basically to enjoy their company as
    family pets and to give them the best opportunity to succeed in the show
    ring.Yes..while new to the world of showing(2 years now)we do train and
    handle our own dogs.

    The idea of the Dogalow came along as we dreamed and dwelled on the idea of the ideal boarding
    and training & exercise facility for our own show dogs.Yes...ours
    do have high requirements as they are Alaskan Malamutes.

    Being so
    precious to us,we have emphasised on security and hygiene for the
    Dogalow during it's conception.The Dogalow is a mini fortress and only
    pre approved owners will be allowed to use her facilities...:-)

    worries about the well being of our dogs have led to the installation
    of CCTVs throughout the Dogalow to enable us to see them in all parts of
    the premises...:-)Yes..any dog staying at the Dogalow can be viewed
    live by it's owner.

    As pet owners,we have been to a number of
    gatherings and wished it could be like this or like that...:-).Those
    wishes set in motion our idea of making the Dogalow and ideal place for
    holding dog parties or gatherings.Space and tents were allocated for and
    spotlights to light up the night.