Can you stop the scroll?
  • SagechSagech September 2006
    can you please stop the scroll in the recent topics box and add a scroll bar instead?
  • September 2006 Edit
    agree with that...
  • September 2006 Edit times the scroll can be really irritating...... Scroll bar will be nice. wink
  • September 2006 Edit
    The mod is designed in this way. Maybe will look into other solution. If really irritating, it can be removed.

    Thanks for feedback.
  • September 2006 Edit
    mod can also be redesigned. hope u look into it. thanks...
  • September 2006 Edit
    [quote18f7c8d35f="Jysw1986"]mod can also be redesigned. hope u look into it. thanks...[/quote18f7c8d35f]

    Easier said than done. wink
  • September 2006 Edit
    true... well, just hope it can be done ASAP. thanks admin
  • September 2006 Edit
    i've already modified the mod for my site. just copy and paste the code that u inserted in "overall_header.tpl" here.

    i'll reply with the modified code for you.

    EDIT I've just sent the code to you wink