Lost Cat in Tanjung Park Condominium
  • alligator_28alligator_28 September 2006
    I am doing my internship in Penang now. While i was on a company outing, i spotted a cat at Tanjung Park Condominium. After closer inspection, I saw that the cat has a bell on its neck, so i guess it belongs to someone. But since I am on duty, I cannot bring the cat along with me.

    These are some photos of the cat.



  • September 2006 Edit
    Ya, I forgot 1 thing the location I saw the cat. I spotted it near the planting area behind the lift of Block A.

    It was last seen flirting with this cat at the area (may be this is the cause why the cat wandered out of its owner's house).


    For any info, pls feel free to PM me. TQ !!!
  • May 2007 Edit
    It looks like the cat my friend has in KL. The marking on the lips are similar. Anyhoo, I doubt it's his. BB, the cat is still in KL with my friend.