Found Golden Retriever
  • joanjoan September 2006
    I found a female Golden Retriever in the Sunway area. If anyone has lost their dog, please contact me at 012-206 9168. Please also provide the microchip number as proof of ownership of the dog.

  • September 2006 Edit
    Can u post a photo of it? But do make sure the microchip number matches b4 u give it back. We dun want the dog to go to a wrong owner.

    By the way, u keeping the dog now?

    If no one, u putting it up for adoption or u will adopt it?
  • October 2006 Edit
    Dog and owner have been reunited )
  • October 2006 Edit
    wow... congratz. how the owner found you? just curious.
  • October 2006 Edit
    [quoteb6a0f85850="joan"]Dog and owner have been reunited )[/quoteb6a0f85850]

    Wow, nice to hear that. How the owner found his/her dog? Through Petslover?