Spammer Attack?
  • SagechSagech October 2006
    Ermmm maybe you should ban Poencehadickbas25

    don't open the links that he sent. they contain virus (my antivirus notified me).
  • October 2006 Edit
    ban him!!!!!!!!
    i have to reformat my pc after clicking on the site given by him!!!!!!
    ban him from spamming virus in here!!!!!!!
    moderator, thanks for barring him!!!!!!
  • October 2006 Edit
    where got ppl click on unknown......folder.

    spammers gettin a lot n alot.....

  • October 2006 Edit
    do u all notice that, the f*cker spammer has registered a lot of user ID over here and spam all those video link which contains virus? i wonder why he/she's still here and not somewhere else in the hell?