wat's ur fav dog?
  • PeanutPeanut December 2006
    hi ! everyone ! nice to meet you all
    i'm happy to come to a forum which are only with pet lovers.
    any dog lover here?
    there's many many breed outside there and i wonder wat's ur fav dog?
    i really luv many dogs....but i dont own them....
    i only own a pinscher
    my top 3 fav dogs are *papillon*pinscher*husky
    anyone wanna tell me wat's ur fav dog?
    may we meet more and more dog lover...
  • December 2006 Edit
    I think my favourite would be Shih Tzu. They are cute, playful and adorable.
    But now studying so no time and place to keep a dog.
  • December 2006 Edit
    My favor dogs are Husky, Bullie, GR, Min. Schnauzher.
    But i'm staying with my parents, no place to get them. Only will get them once i'm living on my own. wink
  • December 2006 Edit
    For me, my choice will be Silky Terrier, Beagle, Dalmatian, and Great Dane.

    I stay outside myself alone, will get one of them when appropriate environment available.
  • February 2010 Edit
    My favorite is SIBERIAN HUSKY )