Animal Fan Art
  • scoobydooscoobydoo December 2006
    As moderator, i have this idea, where all Petslover member may post their own picture art together with their own pet.

    The rules roughly like this,

    1. Create a picture in any mean necessary based on member's creativity.

    2. A picture only can involve 1 pet, and optionally together with owner.

    3. (Suggestion) Put some watermarks on the pictures to be contending, like owner's signature or pets, or maybe forum signature together too.[/color25c6a577bc]

    Then, we can make a small competition within forum, where all members can vote. For the 3 winners with most votes, we put their picture as banner top of the forum, so each time forum or thread loading, the winners are there. I haven't decide how long is the duration for putting those pictures as banner, but i am sure will be quite long becoz those are lovely picture between owner and pets.

    I dont sure the opinion from other members, so i create a poll. If you like to have this small competition, please vote for yes, else no. ^^

    Anyway, i do hope positive comments from all members about this.

    (Remarks All the pictures contends in the competition still belong to the owners' ownership.)[/color25c6a577bc]
  • December 2006 Edit
    ya a great idea man. lets spice up the forum!!
  • December 2006 Edit
    but can we make our own art or edit the real art?
    I'm also a computer maniac , like to change real pictures.
    and i'm also thinking of let members play my creation game for free when it's ready.
    but how can i place the link in this forum?
    perhaps download link?
  • December 2006 Edit
    wow great will be fun to see pic of lovely pets with their owner and to see the creativity of the forumer here..good luck guyz!!
  • December 2006 Edit
    wow... i didn't expect got ppl support my idea. anyway, in my thought, it will be better original pet picture together with owner. then, green nature, playground, house, room or any nice place as background sounds fine ^^

    any idea when should launch this competition or wait for more votes from members. cant wait to see it in the future.
  • December 2006 Edit
    Good idea. hehe . like the MTS , they having a chrsitmas tarantula fan art compe also. the the winner get some Ts from the admin .. haha
  • December 2006 Edit
    but sorry first, no prize awarded to winner, just post their winning pictures at the forum.

    but different case if got sponsors ^^
  • December 2006 Edit
    hahaha , when more and more people joining in we can gather up the price .. this time u do no prise 1st