Album is Up for Members
  • scoobydooscoobydoo January 2007
    To all members,

    Maybe you are aware or not, the [b7a999852c7]album features is ready[/b7a999852c7] to accept any picture upload of yourself and pet.

    [b7a999852c7]Rating and comment[/b7a999852c7] are there to be used by other registered members.

    Please vote and comment for any good picture you found there.

    Best 3 rated pictures will be put at the portal main page or banner for 1 month.[/color7a999852c7]

    Try not be shy, ok? Share with us.
  • January 2007 Edit
    sorry for the incorrect view of uploaded picture. will sort it out asap.

    sorry for trouble.
  • January 2007 Edit
    hey guys, I finally fixed the album picture uploading problem. Hope you all like it and posting your pets picture anytime you like it.

    Just remember to put those pictures in

    [bbed6c8c3c5]ANIMAL FAN ART category [/bbed6c8c3c5][/colorbed6c8c3c5]

    in order to let all site visitors to view them. Please give helpful rates and comments, so the pet owner feel happy same time also to viewer.

    Sorry again for inconvenience before this.
  • January 2007 Edit
    Thanks dude.....
  • January 2007 Edit
    Good Job ... but where is the link ? can't seem to find it...
  • January 2007 Edit
    [quote2c488ad78c="Peanut"]Good Job ... but where is the link ? can't seem to find it...[/quote2c488ad78c]

  • July 2007 Edit
    er i try to upload 3 photos, but come out as X there... not sure why...