HELP!!! My American Cocker Spaniel Got Stolen
  • nottyfellanottyfella February 2007
    Hi Petslover,
    Please American Cocker Spaniel got stolen on Feb 1 from our home during midnight 3-4am. The dognapper climbed into our home (Cheras, KL) car porch area and stolen our beloved dog from its cage. We were awaken by the noise of neighbourhood's dogs barking and less than 5 seconds we heard a motorbike drove away, we only then realised our dog is gone.

    I heard the dognapper normally steals pure breed dogs and send them to backyard puppymill, where they could supply specific types of puppies for the market demand. Please STOP them. As this dog of mine is only 1.5 years old. Just imagine if someone were to kidnap your daughter and force her to have sex at a puberty age of 13 so she can give birth and then sell her children. After several births...she is so weak and useless, then the dognapper will try to find a buyer to fetch the selling price around RM400-600 as a non-MKA cert pure breed dog.

    I plead to all dog lovers out there to help me find my pet.

    Breed American Cocker Spaniel
    Color Golden Brown
    Sex Female
    Name Tasha
    Age 1.5 years
    Microchip# 458098500113700

    If there is any news or can be seen in your neighbourhood, please contact 012-2022115.
  • May 2007 Edit
    I hate those idiotic and absolutely inhumane garbage who breeds ruthlessly for profit! Hopefully you'll find her soon (T_T)