Beware of incompetence and negligent vet in Segamat, Johor
  • CathieCathie October 2014
    Think twice if u wanna have your pets for castration or spaying at this vet:
    Niveetha Animal Treatment Centre
    No. 8 Jalan Nagasari 1, Bandar Segamat Baru, Segamat, Johor

    This is an incompetence and negligent vet. 

    It happened to my sis dog named Honey. She already 3 1/2 years old.  During enquiry on last Monday, 06/10/14, the vet convinced her spaying is a simple & fast surgical process. No risk of complication was highlighted except there will be additional charges if the dog still in heat.  Honey was in great health condition during her admission and my sis admit her in full trust in the vet. The surgery is rescheduled to the next day, Tuesday by the vet. 

    At 1 pm, surgery day, instead of the vet contact us on Honey post surgery, my sis have to call to follow up. She was still unconscious even 2 hours after her surgery & my sis was then informed that Honey was in critical stage. And Honey died at 4.15 pm & that saddened all of us.The Dr Julia could not explained what actually happened to Honey.

    Upon questioning the Dr, It shocked us to know what was revealed.

    1) The vet still using anesthesia used were ketamil & xyazil. 2 shots of anesthesia. These are the cheaper but higher in dosage anesthesia. I understand, the normal procedure & it is safer to used 1 shot of anesthesia & follow up by gas only. Dr Julia defense herself saying she only an employee there and said she did highlighted to her boss before. Is she saying her boss who is the owner of this vet don't care of our pet well being and safety? 

    In addition, prior to that the vet did not even highlight the dangers and risks of using these anesthesia to us. If my sis will think twice and may not sent Honey to this vet. The vet pushed the blame to the clinic assistant claiming they should be the ones to inform before hand.

    In addition, although initially Dr denied no such cases before this... then later being pushed, she murmured that it did happened but to an older dog. What!. Dr only worked in the vet for 3 years but already 2 cases? Maybe more... 

    2) Dr claimed Honey was in stable condition after the surgery. Honey went into critical after the vet came back from lunch. OMG... No one monitoring or what...No urgency in this vet. All the vet said is "Her condition is 50/50...", "Don't know" 

    My sis & her family felt so heartbroken as if it is like sending her dog to death sentence. Honey just simply died and we have no idea why till now.

    And if you think that it can't happen to you and your pet...think again and made your own choice.