• jason-chanjason-chan February 2007
    Finally i made up my mind to own a dog. cause i stay in condo, too many things to consider. Decided for Pug as its small, short coat and quiet. Here come my Sam. thinking of buying another small breed, maybe CHH..
  • March 2007 Edit
    wow, cute pug. nice contribution to forum. welcome to forum.
  • March 2007 Edit
    Thanks scoobydoo.. new here, but this site seems a bit quiet, huh...
    BTW any pug lover here?
  • March 2007 Edit
    yeah, sometime the forum is quiet. anyway, invite your frens to here so will get merrier ^^ . You are welcome.
  • March 2007 Edit
    wow... the dog seems like to take picture oh... pro in posing as well.. lol
  • January 2008 Edit
    I am pug puppy lover, my pug puppy name is Hugo now is 3 months 12 days old...

    Hi Jason! Your pug puppy Sam is very cute..... D
  • August 2010 Edit
    omg~~you pug is so cute~~i'm new here and i am all type of dog lover~~ D