My lovely James
  • SagechSagech May 2006
    This was James when I got him a few months ago.

    And about half a year later, he's turned into this!!

    P/S The person in the picture is my brother, you can visit his blog at http//

    It's amazing how fast James grew! wink
  • May 2006 Edit
    nice picture of your James...

    great dog!!!

    got train him or her or not one? If handsome or pretty but not obedient, also not a good dog ^^

    what kind of breed is ur James?
  • May 2006 Edit
    don't really train wan.. my bro picked him up from the roads near the shop lots.. so im not really sure of his breed.
  • May 2006 Edit
    ic... Liu Lang Gou or stray dog..

    hes done with medical checkup or not the time ur bro picked him up...?

    haha... if he got rabies... lol
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