plz answer me...
  • felly_sfelly_s March 2007
    hie.. cat can also be trained rite?
    what commands can we teach them..?
    my cats, they like to scratch my mum furniture..i already bought a scratch post for them. n catnip too. catnip can make them like their toys rite?but they still scratch the
  • April 2007 Edit
    hi felly_s...
    i had some persians few years back then, i also encounter the same problems.Btw how many cats do u have? Firstly 4 ur info, a scratch post would be [b9435f84c8a]insufficent[/b9435f84c8a] for a cat,needless to say if u have more than one cat, they would be bored soon.ur kitties are still scratching the furnitures, because they are already used to it, even before u had the scratch post. The designated place u place the catpost(s) is important, try to put it near or blocking(even better) the wrong places ur kitties love to scratch(especially ur mum's furniture). Try to make them feel good on the catposts,[b9435f84c8a]REM[/b9435f84c8a] always give a treat or even a good scratch on their neck,praised them everytime they used those cat posts.Slowly they would be more motivated. The other way ard,whenever they scratch at the wrong place,a firm "No"" would be sufficient rather than yelling and shouting, it would only frightened them and still learn nothing out of it,yet unsure whats right or wrong. As for all the cat products,like the catnip,anti scratch spray, they are only to assist ur training for better results, [b9435f84c8a]not that once u used it, the cats would be obedient like magic.[/b9435f84c8a]Still ur [b9435f84c8a]consistent actions, training, pats,treats [/b9435f84c8a]make a bigger part of success.As part of the training, try to stick some double-sided tapes(u could get it from any stationery store) on the wrong furniture they loved to scratch,(kitties dislike the feelings of sticky tapes), they would refrain from them after some time.Dun worry its very normal, all cats have the same nature to scratch, sharpen their claws, and as a way to mark territories especially when u have several kitties.Just keep their claws clipped, teaching with patience and time would do the trick.

    If i didn't rem wrongly, it took me nearly 2 months and some scratched and teared up sofas,but success in the end.I hope i could be abit of help here or there(Not 100% foolproof,just according to my past experience),And Good Luck, waiting for your good news.. ) Cheers
  • May 2007 Edit
    did you teach them how to used the scratch post? if not they will not know how to used hahaha... that is what happen to my cat as well hehehe...
  • July 2010 Edit
    like doink said, you need to teach them..or maybe they don't like the scratch post you got for happened to us, we bought an ikea scratch post made out of cardboard and our cat luna went crazy, she was sooooo happy.. but then ikea stop selling it so we bought the expensive one made out of rope sisal and she wouldn't use it, she started scratching our luggage but luckily now we found a similar scratch post at the rm5 shop (daiso) and she loves it.
    hope you find a solution
    good luck

    p.s. where did you get catnip? mind sharing the info?
  • VadyVady October 2011
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