How to take care of new found Tortoise
  • Farhan+AkwalFarhan Akwal April 2007
    i found a tortoise that was on the road and being the type of person that i am,
    i took the tortoise home. i plan to take care of the tortoise but how do i go about doing it?i dont know what kind of species is it but the tortoise has a black shell. how do i make a habitat for it? and what kinds of food should i feed it?
  • June 2007 Edit
    it's been so long now i wonder whether do u still have the tortoise. roll

    last time my granpa used to rear tortoise and he feeds them kang kung. since u got it from the roadside, there could be possibility that it has leeches underneath. better check clearly and if they do have leeches, add salt to them n they'll die fast D
  • April 2010 Edit
    upload your tortiose photos, so we can know whta spesies it is..hihi