anyone's got ideas for a tortoise habitat
  • Farhan+AkwalFarhan Akwal April 2007
    hey guys...i currently have 1 tortoise and i plan to build him a habitat(i've got alot of space in my garden for him btw)any ideas?...please do post some photos!
    P.S i'm still trying to determine what kind of a species is he!
  • April 2007 Edit
    put a small lake?? some rock around... so how big is he??
  • April 2007 Edit
    I saw this article online on building a tortoise enclosure in the garden. I will paste the article here so all can share the info.

    The graphical view is as below


    1 - Shade, corner security
    2 - Heated shelter (I think not relevant in tropical countries, can replace with shaded shelter)
    3 - Pond for swimming & drinking
    4 - Large, flat rocks for basking area
    5 - Rock and log piles for climbing
    6 - Feeding dish
    7 - Nesting area
    8 - Entrance
  • April 2009 Edit
    Uuu.. dats lovely~!.. the turtle will love it~!
  • November 2009 Edit
    built a terra/aquarium for your tortoise and newspaper for sheet
    1. eficient in space...good choice if you will add the number
    2. easy 4 controling condition of pet
    3. protecting 4 predator
    4. you can enjoy seeing your pet all day and night
    D D