Tips To Stop Your Cat Scratching
  • chip_armchip_arm September 2007
    Scratching is a natural behavior for cats.This isn't exactly a revelation, since you probably have the evidence everywhere in the tattered corners of your sofa, the shredded drapes, your frayed nerves. What you can do is stop her from scratching those items you value and want to keep in their relatively pristine state.

    Here some tips
    arrow Find an effective scratching post.
    arrow Cutting the nails regularly may help keep a cat from scratching the furniture
    arrow Cover the furniture with something your cat does not like
    arrow Keep your cat mentally stimulated and offers her plenty of opportunity for exercise, and she will has less opportunity to be destructive in your home
    arrow If you are starting with a kitten, consider yourself fortunate. It's much easier to initiate good habit patterns than to correct undesirable ones.
    arrow Cats don't understand physical punishment. In addition to it being wrong to hit your cat
    arrow There are two groups of target for every cat. The first one is when your cat target one or two areas in the home, usually near important territorial areas such as sleeping area, litter tray, hunting or play areas. The second one is your cat undertake more widespread and destructive scratching in highly visible sites such as doorways, windows, prominent furnishings - like sofas