Post Exchange
  • SagechSagech May 2006
    Hi webmaster! I would like to propose a post exchange between our forums (That's right, I own a forum too). The url is http// We can exchange posts at a 11 ratio. Do you accept my offer?
  • May 2006 Edit
    Hi Sagech,

    Thanks for your proposal here. May I know what do u mean by exchange posts at a 11 ratio ? Can explain more in detail how is the thing you are proposing ? Actually we are glad for any interaction with all our users.
  • May 2006 Edit
    Hi admin,

    What I meant was that since we both have fairly new forum, I suggested to exchange posts to increase post counts on our forums.

    I was proposing to post the same amount of posts that you are willing to post on my forum. My forum is a webmaster forum located at

    In that way, we can benefit from increased content in both of our forums, what do you say?