Star Tortoise Shell getting soft
  • rthienhrthienh October 2007
    My star tortoise shell is getting soft. What should i do?
    I gave him vitamin and calcium (tho he doesnt really like his food to be sprinkled with calcium and vitamin powder). i also have a uv basking spot for him. Feed him with green vege. what went wrong over here and how do i prevent it from getting worse?
  • October 2007 Edit
    Looks like it could be MBD.... mine was like that and treatment failed....

    You have to bring it to a vet to get weekly injections of concentrated calcium.... quite painful too coz the needle is quite big if the tortoise is like 2 inches.

    Go to Taman Megah Yeoh Vet Clinic....
  • October 2007 Edit
    Thanx! Will bring him to clinic soonest. Anyways, how to prevent this MBD? Sunlight?
  • October 2007 Edit
    Lots of sunlight and sprinkle the calcium that has vit D3 in it. Sunlight is the most important. Also, watch the diet.