• jimbatesjimbates November 2007
    hi all..its been a while since i post my last msg..this is my recent pics of my iggy..any comment would be great..

    my iggy CHILLIN[/coloraf285a3189]


    close up[/coloraf285a3189]

    more of iggy will come..sorry bout the poor photography..enjoy!

    p/s if anyone got tips how to make iggy easier to tame?
  • November 2007 Edit
    no tips from anyone??any help would be great..thanks
  • November 2007 Edit
    ur iggy looks great. Is it getting enough sunlight???
  • November 2007 Edit
    before this i just rely on the basking light and the UV lamp..but i dont think its enuf..
    but now i try to bask him in the sun when i can..coz the enclosure is in the house n his not tame enuf to let outside..
    now doin my best to keep iggy healthy...so any comments or suggestion would be great..thanks