Exotic tortoises & turtles for sale
  • nigel123nigel123 November 2007

    1 exotic female adult star tortoise for sale, around 8 years old, shell about 8 inches long. very healthy and beautiful. (not for commercial purpose)

    1 long neck turtle for sale, around 3 years old, shell about 7" long, eats non stop, tame.

    1 pig nose turtle, around 5 years old, shell about 1 feet long, swimming like a fish.

    Exotic white Axolotl amphibians for sale, about 5", cute looking creature from mexico.

    2 Amazon mata-mata turtles about 5" each, very exotic and rare nowadays. (not for commercial purpose)

    5 Alligator snapping turtles about 2" for sale. (not for commercial purpose)

    Baby Pirahna fish for sale, just arrived about 1 week. Highly ferocious, attack in schools. (For experienced hobbyists only) (not for commercial purpose)

    COD within klang Valley. selling to serious hobbyists only. Interested pls PM me.[/colore2a7c4b5cd]
  • November 2007 Edit
    may i know the axolotl price?
  • December 2007 Edit
    would like to know the price and a look at the picture of your star, thank you )
  • December 2007 Edit
    may i know the baby pirahna price?
  • December 2007 Edit
    Can u show the pictures?
  • January 2008 Edit
    got smaller star torts ? below 4.5inch n above 3 inch ?
  • February 2008 Edit
    helo bro...im interested in ur star tortise...may i know tats from sri langkar or indian...can u send me a pic??10ss
  • February 2008 Edit
    Pictures pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......................!!!!
  • August 2008 Edit
    how much your mata-mata ?
  • metroid333metroid333 March 2013
    How much is the 2" Alligator snapping tturtle???
  • johnpua1johnpua1 May 2013
    Interest of mata mata. How much u selling mata-mata?