green iguana care
  • jimbatesjimbates November 2007
    hi all. i have a green iguana as my pet.sadly before this i have no time to really take care of my iggy. since now i've extra time in hand i started to make it up to my igg..

    anway this are some information that i found useful in bringing back my iggy to a healthy igg. the first step for me is to find suitable food to feed my iggy as in my opinion its important for the growth and well being of my igg.

    iggy food can be categorized into 5 type

    [b2af67e5a3b]STAPLE[/b2af67e5a3b] - These foods are good to feed an iguana on a regular basis, but don't forget to rotate them.
    [b2af67e5a3b]OCCASIONAL[/b2af67e5a3b] - Best to feed these foods only on occasion. Overfeeding most of these foods can lead to serious health problems. Combined with a balanced mixture of staple foods on occasion (a few times a month) can provide an iguana the variety it needs.
    [b2af67e5a3b]TREAT[/b2af67e5a3b] - These foods work good as a treat or snack. Some of these foods can be included as a regular part of the diet, but most are only occasional treats.
    [b2af67e5a3b]TASTE OR COLOR ENHANCER[/b2af67e5a3b] - Occasionally added to a balanced mixture of foods to make the meal tastier and more interesting for the iguana.
    [b2af67e5a3b]RARELY OR NEVER[/b2af67e5a3b] - Due to poor nutritional content, this food item is okay if offered only rarely, along with other, more nutritious greens and veggies.

    it also states type or kind of fruit or vege that falls under these categories.

    besides, it also provide me with so many useful information oh how to take care of my iguana.hope to see more discussion on this matter in the future from all iguana keeper.

    for more info go to this link food information

    hope the link helps!..cheers