Help Needed !! Lost Dog in Bdr Sri Damansara @ 26/11/07
  • jessiejessie November 2007
    [b3cf66756e6]10 Years Old Male Pomeranian[/size3cf66756e6][/b3cf66756e6]

    Last seen around field at SD9/1, Bandar Sri Damansara.

    Less than 1 feet tall, about 3 Kilograms.

    The dog had been with us for the past 10 years and has since become part of our family. We love and miss the dog very much and we are having sleepless nights.

    We hope that whoever is keeping this dog will return it to us and we will be very grateful with no question ask.

    We appeal to anybody who have information about this dog to call me at [b3cf66756e6]012-2143619 or 012-6791136[/b3cf66756e6].

    Thank You.