• I have AFS (Asian Forest Scorpion) for sale.......this are photos of them

  • June 2006 Edit
    More photos of the AFS....


  • June 2006 Edit
    And the AFS (big 2-3 inches) i only able to COD (Cash On Delivery) at Penang.....PM for more details.....TQ
  • June 2006 Edit
    the sting still with them ?

    or they dont sting u lol
  • June 2006 Edit
    [quote8ec90a2c30="scoobydoo"]the sting still with them ?

    or they dont sting u lol[/quote8ec90a2c30]

    They need their sting to survive so u cannot take them away.......they dun sting u if u dun threaten them.....haha
  • June 2006 Edit
    is it they need the sting?

    sting for prey? but u already supply prey for them lol lol

    do u breed them or not? as i know female scorpion eat male scorpion after mating is it true?
  • June 2006 Edit
    here are my babies



    This one's not mine
  • August 2006 Edit
    Just wanna share some you tube clip

    Human contact with scorpion




    Scorpion eating



    http//youtube.com/watch?v=45ofW ... related&search=







    fighthing between scorpion and pede

    http//youtube.com/watch?v=R0Tvh ... related&search=

    duno what ..

    http//youtube.com/watch?v=LRUSj ... related&search=


    http//youtube.com/watch?v=WzNTd ... related&search=

    Figthing between 2 scorpion

    Fighthing because of food

    http//youtube.com/watch?v=LRUSj ... related&search=
  • December 2006 Edit
    My pals Africa Emperor Scorpion (AES) setup.

  • December 2006 Edit
    A close-up of the juvenile AES under the broken flower pot. U can see it's pincers.

  • December 2006 Edit
    This is the Asian Forest Scorpion (AFS) enclosure, kinda normal only la, nothing special.



  • January 2007 Edit
    Hey!! post up some pic for that yellow fat body fat tail .. lol..
  • January 2007 Edit
    his line sucks at home, so dun expect too much. see ur fat tail when sem starts ok? haha.
  • January 2007 Edit
    okok. Since there is such a demand so after many time of trying finally got the photo of the yellow fat tail feeding on a meal worm.

  • January 2007 Edit
    Hope u guys like it....!!!
  • January 2007 Edit
    OMG, you teach him how to read melihat, melawat ?? hahaha .. my fat fat tail .. muakz muakz
  • January 2007 Edit
    oii....Sambil makan sambil belajar la.....make it SMART...!!!
  • January 2007 Edit
    . . . Then make it read national geographic .. like that only betul. nono, should let it read more about venom, so that it can cure those who kena stung
  • February 2007 Edit

    this is my fat fat tail before molth. Now molth dy but havent take pic oops oops
  • February 2007 Edit
    Ya...its already 6 instar....hehe
  • October 2007 Edit
    alligator, do correct me if i'm worng, i think the picture u post in the 2nd post is not an AFS, is AES for me, due to the pincer is way more bigger than the AFS
  • October 2007 Edit
    ya. its a AES.
  • November 2007 Edit
    erm...any AES for sale here...?
  • November 2007 Edit
    I think my fren has, but small oni. Captive breed. How many u want?
  • November 2007 Edit
    [quote57d42eaf44="alligator_28"]I think my fren has, but small oni. Captive breed. How many u want?[/quote57d42eaf44]

    depend on the selling price loh...very interested.If cheap can take more loh...
    can PM me ASAP for the price?
    and ur location...
  • November 2007 Edit
    how much for the african emperor?
    got small n big?
  • November 2007 Edit
    wat if i order 5 or 10 aes..
    wat the price for 10 n 5..
    can let me know?
  • VadyVady October 2011

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