• jazranjazran January 2008

    i think this is the normal tortoise...easily buy from pet shop..
    but..i've googling around and found no answer..
    can anyone please tell me

    1.what is the official name of this tortoise? (malaysia tortoise?brazil tortoise?or what...)

    2.what is the scientific name of this tortoise?
    3.does the green-colour of the shell change when it becomes older?

    thank you...hope someone can explain... lol
  • January 2008 Edit
    This is the red-eared slider, scientific name is call Trachemys scripta elegans.

    The shell color will slightly change. The adults will most likely lose their yellow pattern as a baby tort and have dark green oval shell.

    Anything else feel free to ask...
  • January 2008 Edit
    owhh...thanks for your help...

    btw..maybe i can ask one related question here about my tortoise pet-
    ive just bought them (two baby red-ears sliders) from pet shop for less than 2 weeks.

    one of them (the slightly smaller one) seems to have problem with both of its eyes.....like ada layer outside...(maybe like cataract?)..so i think dia cannot see..mcm sudah buta. (

    but it moves and reacts pretty active.
    i wonder what happen?
  • January 2008 Edit
    I think thats a common problem with tortoise. I pull up this from a tortoise care website. Hope it helps.

    Eye-problems are not rare among reptiles. Poor quality of the water, lack of vitamines and improper care can easily lead to blindness. Eye infections can be easily treated but many owners do not pay enough attention and the result is the permanent blindness of the animal. An important thing to remember about eye problems is that they are often a sign that something else is wrong. They can be the first symptom of deseases like shell-softening or other infections which are characterized by a drop in the immunity system. Fighting eye infections is rather simple. The eyes should be treated with diluted boric acid (60/40) or sulfamethiazine. The water in the tank must be kept clean to avoid new infections.

    But i suggest u to take it to a vet. Best solution!!!
  • June 2008 Edit
    Oh.. this is red ear slider. I have them for almost 2 years.

    you can get more information of this type of turtles at


    really cool and informative site for new owner of RES