new suggestion
  • jowyn211jowyn211 February 2008
    I think that there should be contests in I love contests so that's why i'm suggesting this. hehe..... There can be contests about animals pictures or testing you knowledge on animals or dogs or cats or exotic animals. but it should'nt be jumbled up, because some people don't know about exotic animals or cats or dogs. And winners will get something. But the best is everybody that enters will get a small prize. I hope you all will consider this.
  • March 2008 Edit
    It a good idea. Maybe someone here can sponsor or get some sponsors for the small presents.
  • April 2008 Edit
    contest is good, but kind of lacks ppl participation. anyway, i welcome any proposition how to work things out. kindly message me details about this or inform alligator_28.
  • August 2008 Edit
    Yap! contest would be great.Good healthy way of knowing your own pet.I support the proposal.......Keep me updated plz.